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报告欺诈, Waste, Abuse and Harassment

Discrimination, Harassment, and Workplace Bully Complaint

员工s are encouraged to use the electronic or PDF versions of this form when making a complaint of discrimination, 骚扰, or workplace bullying under 威尼斯官网在线 Regulations ACA-RA: 不歧视, 股本, and Cultural Proficiency and/or ACH-RA: Workplace Bullying.

Administrative Complaint

This form provides employees a way to submit an administrative complaint to employee concerns involving the interpretation or implementation of Montgomery County Board of Education (Board) policies or Montgomery County Public 学校 (威尼斯官网在线) regulations or rules. 


Complete this form if you are a student victim, the parent/guardian of a student victim, a close adult relative of a student victim, 一个旁观者, or a school staff member and wish to report an incident of alleged hate bias. Incidents involving hate and discrimination in any form are serious and will not be tolerated.

The Montgomery County Office of the Inspector General

The Montgomery County Office
of the Inspector General

The Montgomery County Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is an independent office of county 政府ernment that conducts investigations and proactive audits and evaluations to increase transparency and accountability in publicly funded programs and agencies including Montgomery County Public 学校 and the Board of Education. The goals of the Inspector General include preventing, 检测, and deterring fraud, 浪费, abuse and mismanagement. Anyone can contact the office to make a report or raise a concern. 根据县法, it is illegal to retaliate against employees and contractors for making a report to the OIG.

Hotline: 240 777 7644

Envíe el formulario de queja en 西班牙语

Submit a Tip Online

Montgomery County Public 学校 Reporting Waste Fraud and Abuse

Montgomery County Public 学校
Reporting Waste Fraud and Abuse

威尼斯官网在线 employees are always encouraged to speak freely with their supervisors, even with regard to concerns they may have about their workplace. 在某些情况下, 然而, they may feel it is not appropriate to discuss their concerns with their supervisor. 出于这个原因, 威尼斯官网在线 has taken additional steps to foster an ethical workplace for all employees by contracting with Lighthouse Services to provide a place where they can report concerns anonymously.  The hotline and website represent the 威尼斯官网在线 commitment to fostering an ethical workplace for all employees and to protecting public resources.

员工s can make a report anonymously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reports can be received in more than 140 languages, including Spanish.

Call 877-268-8620 (toll free)

Submit a Tip Online
(Click on Submit Incident Report button.)


Maryland Center for Safe 学校 Safe 学校 Maryland

Maryland Center for Safe 学校
Safe 学校 Maryland

Safe 学校 Maryland - an ANONYMOUS and FREE reporting system available to students, 老师, school staff members, 父母, and the general public to report any school or student safety ​concerns, including mental health concerns.  Safe 学校 Maryland is Maryland’s only o​fficial anonymous reporting system. Safe 学校 Maryland operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.  Your anonymous report can be submitted by calling the tip line (1-833-MD-B-SAFE / 1-833-632-7233), completing an online form (below), or downloading the free Safe 学校 Maryland app from the App Store or Google Play.

Call 1-833-MD-B-SAFE / 1-833-632-7233​

Submit a Tip Online